Thursday 27 October

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Sensitive to Sophie’s heartbreak, Kate allows her to pull out of the history wall project, despite her need for volunteers. When Sophie realises she’s letting Kate down, she turns up to help anyway, trying to put her feelings for Noah behind her.

But when Sophie's led to believe that Noah’s crush is on Summer, she can’t help feeling hurt and, frustrated she’s seen as so young and innocent, takes off. Worried, Kate searches for her and is relieved to find her at home – until she discovers Sophie is now sporting a nose ring. Taken aback by her rebellion, Kate orders her to take it out and, when Sophie refuses, blurts out that she knows about her crush on Noah. Has Kate further embarrassed her little sister and only made things worse?

Sonya tells Toadie on why she wants to scrap their three-year plan and, touched by her argument, he agrees. However, upon admitting his concerns about his job security, Sonya agrees they won’t start trying for a baby until his contract is extended. When Sonya learns because of her history she should start preparing her body as soon as possible, she stops her birth control.


  • Fri 28 Oct

    Tash gets creative in an attempt to meet her aunt, while Kate finds support from an unlikely source.


  • Wed 26 Oct

    Tash fears rejection as she prepares to meet her aunt.

  • Tue 25 Oct

    Chris helps Andrew find the car he promised to Erik, but fears he has blown it when he gets his stories mixed up.

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