Tuesday 15 November

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After kissing Noah, Kate knows she’s made a huge mistake and is left haunted by memories of Brennan. Seeing her at braeking point, Lou offers his support and helps give her some respite, paying for Sophie to go away on her music camp. But when Noah leaves a gift on her doorstep, Kate knows she must put a stop to his infatuation. Despite explaining to him that she made a mistake, it soon appears that Noah is more persistent than she thought.

Meanwhile, Karl uses a night out with Malcolm to escape his troubled home life - the only dampener being a a chance encounter with Rhys, who ropes them into a golf game with him and Martin. Unexpectedly, and at the expense of Malcolm’s dignity, Karl and Rhys find common ground and bond. Could this be the start of a new friendship?

Summer is feeling frustrated with her portfolio, fearing she’ll never get into journalism with her story on the history wall. As a result, Susan encourages her to dig deeper to find an issue that will get people talking. While watching the time-lapse camera footage from history wall, will Summer spot the crucial moments that could be the making of her career?


  • Wed 16 Nov

    Dane finds a way to stop the shopping centre development, but will he alert Summer when he's told the rumour may be false?


  • Mon 14 Nov

    A shell-shocked Kate finds support from an unlikely source, who drives her to do something impulsive.

  • Fri 11 Nov

    As it becomes clear that some secrets are too much for Callum, Toadie decides to lighten the load - but is he about to tear Kate's world apart in the process?

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