Tuesday 27 March

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When Sonya pushes more fertility remedies on Toadie, he feels like his masculinity is being questioned. Determined to prove he’s a manly man, he sets off on a quest to fix the hole in their wall but ups the ante by insisting he’s going to install a fireplace too. When it becomes clear that Toadie has no idea what's doing, Sonya tries to spare him any embarrassment by calling in reinforcements - only to leave him feeling even more belittled. Even though he tries to push on to prove his worth, Callum's discovery of his shortcomings causes Toadie to rock bottom - and to let his temper get the better of him.

Despite Michael's encouragement, Summer can't bear the fact that with her decision to repeat Year 12 comes the task of completing homework assignments she's seen before. She turns to Andrew for support but, when she learns he covered his uni success from her in order to save her feelings, realises her step backwards could drive a massive wedge between them - and so she reaches a life-changing decision.

Meanwhile, when Emilia claims she didn’t break up with Lucas for someone else, he feels hopeful there’s still a chance they’ll get back together - as a guilt-ridden Michael soon finds out.

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