Tuesday 3 April

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While Emilia and Michael agree to keep their relationship secret for now, Chris wrestles with what he’s discovered. Although Aidan warns him to stay out of it, his concern with Tash overwhelms him and he confronts Michael. Realising her secret is under threat, Emilia maintains it’s better for Tash if they get their head around their relationship before announcing it and Michael reluctantly goes along - until, that is, a near-miss with Tash leaves her with second thoughts. Steeling themselves, Michael and Emilia tell Tash they’re together. But how will she react to the news?

Keen for Summer to feel included, Andrew suggests she join him at a uni event. Summer agrees, despite knowing it’ll be confronting to attend a party thrown by the Journalism Student Society - and, when ditzy student Belinda boasts her shallow dreams, the injustice soon begins to grate. Fired up that people far less committed are closer to realising their dreams, Summer resolves to pursue her own. Confident, she pitches herself to Paul as a one-woman online media machine; regardless of Paul shutting her down, she’s determined to prove herself.

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