Wednesday 25 April

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Spotting an opportunity, Rhys causes tension in Kyle's relationship by encouraging him to suggest to Jade the idea of their sharing a room more permanently. After Jade inevitably shuts down the idea and is left feeling rattled, Rhys uses some time alone with her at the Singles' Boot Camp to play on her fear that her commitment issues will only end up ruining her love life. With Jade beginning to doubt she deserves to be with Kyle, Rhys makes his move on her. Is she about to make a huge mistake?

Shocked by Michael’s sudden departure, Tash refuses to tell her friends he’s gone; however, when Chris presses her fo the truth, she cracks and blames herself for pushing her dad away. Supported by her friend, Tash puts on a brave face and plans a house party, determined to make the most of her situation. Assuring a concerned Karl she’ll be fine on her own, Tash struggles when confronted by reminders of her family, but is privately comforted when Chris turns up on her doorstep, ready to move in and remind her she’s not alone.

Meanwhile, Kate's torn when Rhys calls her on her feelings for Kyle, trying to persuade her to keep him distracted while he makes the most of an opportunity to seduce Jade. Is she willing to take a leaf out of Rhys's book and play dirty to get what she wants?


  • Thu 26 Apr

    Sonya's frustrated when Toadie's given extra cases at work. Will he admit that it was at his request?


  • Tue 24 Apr

    As Tash continues to reject the idea of reconciliation, Michael reconsiders his future on Ramsay Street.

  • Mon 23 Apr

    With Lucas named the main suspect in torching Michael's car, will Tash do the right thing and come clean?

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