Friday 18 May

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Still hurting from their decision to stop trying for a baby, Sonya devotes her energies to caring for an injured infant wombat as a distraction, while Toadie leases a sports car to the same end. Knowing Callum has to be told, Toadie takes the pressure off Sonya by telling him they’ve given up on their plans to expand their family. However, when Toadie realises Sonya’s really hurting, he acknowledges that they’re both just directing their pain elsewhere. Wanting to be there for each other, they commit to getting through this together but both remain unsure of exactly how.

Desperate to make her house unsellable, Tash ropes Chris and Aidan into helping her deter prospective buyers. However, their plans are thwarted by experienced real estate agent Gary, forcing Tash to pull one last desperate attempt in her fight against eviction. While Tash is successful, she soon realises this can’t last and that she may be fighting the inevitable.

Suspicious about his parents’ odd behaviour, Callum realises there’s something going on but struggles to know how to support them. Urged by Sophie to give them space to work out their issues, Callum leaves the adults to their problems and instead re-invests in his relationship with his best friend.


  • Mon 21 May

    Lucas responds to Vanessa's return by sabotaging her job opportunity, little realising the damage he's done.


  • Thu 17 May

    Realising she's in danger of losing her home, Tash plays dirty in a bid to score a job at Charlie's.

  • Wed 16 May

    As their problems begin to take their toll, can Toadie persuade Sonya to reconsider her decision to give up on their family plans?

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