Monday 21 May

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In denial over the possibility of his being the father of her unborn child, Lucas is thrown when Vanessa turns up in Erinsborough, convinced she’s back because of him. When he learns she's in fact in line to become the new chef at Lassiters, however, he can't help feeling rattled, letting slip to Paul the fact that she's pregnant and convincing him to change his mind about hiring her. Lucas is torn about what he’s done, but when he learns his actions have placed Vanessa in financial turmoil, he realises he’s gone too far. Will he respond to Chris's challenge to make things right?

When Sonya takes over the care of injured baby wombat Clancy, Toadie supports Astrid's suggestion that she considers making the arrangement more permanent. Inspired to adopt a rescue dog, the couple find themselves torn when, together with Kyle, they go to the rescue shelter and realise how many unwanted animals are in need of a home. Having agreed to mull things over, Sonya reviews the footage Toadie shot and finally reaches a decision - only to discover that Kyle’s already chosen the dog for Jade.

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