Tuesday 29 May

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Battling severe morning sickness as she commits to a job at Harold's, Vanessa’s grateful when Sonya pays her a visit with her collection of pregnancy books, returning the favour with some words of comfort over her new neighbour's struggles to conceive.

Later, however, Vanessa can't help worrying her state of health is more serious than she first thought and accepts it's time to go the hospital. When Kate calls on him to be there for support, Lucas stands firm and hides out at the garage. Will his conscience gets the better of him?

Hurt after witnessing Summer’s clinch with Griffin, Andrew initially avoids talking about what really happened but, when Chris hears the news from Tash, is forced to admit to him his part in the breakup. Trying to clear the air, Summer attempts an apology, but is thrown when Andrew makes light of the situation, covering his true feelings by insisting she has nothing to regret.


  • Wed 30 May

    Confronted by Rhys's disapproval, Lucas is finally guilted into reaching out to Vanessa.


  • Mon 28 May

    Struggling with her awkwardness around Andrew, Summer unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Griffin.

  • Fri 25 May

    As Susan battles the return of her MS symptoms, which will be first to give: her job or her health?

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