Wednesday 30 May

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Realising he should have gone to the hospital with Vanessa, Lucas is guilted into action when Rhys berates him for abandoning the mother of his child. Although Vanessa gives Rhys a serve for fighting her battles, she doesn't fail to leave him intrigued when she proves just as quick to forgive him. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to tentatively reach out to Vanessa, prompting a thaw between the reluctant parents.

Making the most of having the house all to himself, Callum invites the girls over, unwittingly sparking Sophie’s jealousy calling Rani first. Determined to remain the most important friend in the triangle, Sophie successfully drives a wedge between them, trying to win Callum's attention while at the same time warning Rani against encouraging his crush. How will they react when they realise they've been played?

Keen to embrace the positive side of not being pregnant, Sonya surprises Toadie with a night on the town. While enjoying living it up, they propose a family holiday to Europe, committing to life without a baby.


  • Thu 31 May

    Kyle receives a surprise visit from gran Sheila, but will she approve of his choice of girlfriend?


  • Tue 29 May

    Nursing his wounded pride, Andrew conceals his true feelings for Summer by rejecting her apology.

  • Mon 28 May

    Struggling with her awkwardness around Andrew, Summer unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Griffin.

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Comments (18)

  • jenn

    almost 2 years ago


    they can get rid of someone, lyns hubby they got rid of years ago cos they said he turned up at work drunk!, they cancelled his contract, there was rumours neighbours bullies the actors

  • pop

    almost 2 years ago


    Vanessa must of had her beer goggles on when she hooked up with Lucas! He used to be good looking when he first joined neighbours, but not anymore. Maybe a haircut would help. All teenage girls can be little witches, I like that in neighbours these days the characters are not so black and white because we can all be nice and nasty! Also, that puppy is divine!

  • mimerz

    almost 2 years ago


    five sort out the adverts seriously!! it keeps getting stuck and going black, keep having to refresh, it has to be the channel as ITV player works perfectly fine

  • alice

    almost 2 years ago


    i preferred the previous characters that have been and gone over the years but to be honest it doesn't stop me liking these characters aswell!

  • Claire

    almost 2 years ago


    Dana, as others said, you can't just have nice people in soaps, they have to reflect life and life is full of different characters. Sophie is reflecting what many teens do, perhaps feels Callum is someone special to he, she's lost her parents for goodness sake and feels the friendship threatened by Rana. She's only 14 and is trying to work out her feels and forge relationships - even adults struggle with these things and mess up too. Or maybe she likes Callum "like that" and daren't admit?! :) (And no, we don't want to know Gillian!!)

  • GillianH81

    almost 2 years ago


    @Sally, they didn't get rid of Michael, it was Sandy Winton's decision to leave. HE WAS NOT AXED.


    almost 2 years ago



  • The Sandman

    almost 2 years ago

    The Sandman

    I'm tempted to start an e-petition: 'Get Tash out of Neighbours, at any cost!'. If it gets enough signatures they have to debate it in the house of commons. That would be funny as hell

  • Yeahh

    almost 2 years ago


    @pop lol flaring nostrils?

  • nikki

    almost 2 years ago


    DONT WORRY.....i soo agree lucus should get a hair cut!!! also about the acting thing.


    almost 2 years ago


    lucas get a harircut, and shut up DANA. lucy is doing something called ACTING, and if you really hate her coz she is nasty and rude then thatmeans that she is doing a good jib at her ACTING.

  • Sally Byrne

    almost 2 years ago

    Sally Byrne

    @Gill Higham, producers can get rid of anyone if they want... Not just on their own accord... They got rid of Michael etc. And @Dana, lots of 14 years old are rebellious so Sophie's behaviour is completely normal, well maybe not smashing the toilets in the bathroom lol

  • Pop

    almost 2 years ago


    I agree, lose Sophie or stop her getting so angry and flaring nostrils!

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  • Pleeease

    almost 2 years ago


    Get a hair cut Lucas!

  • mimerz

    almost 2 years ago


    @dana so you've never heard of teenagers being rebellious? we all have been like that at least once in our lives

  • GillianH81

    almost 2 years ago


    @Dana, Sophie isn't going anywhere. They can't just terminate a contract because fans don't like a character. The only way someone leaves the show is by their own accord. Sophie is a great character, don't forget she is only 14. A lot of 14 year olds are annoying.

  • Dana

    almost 2 years ago


    So, I see sophie is still being a nasty little witch. I really detest this character. How long must we endure her before her contract in Neighbours is terminated??