Thursday 31 May

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Callum and Rani decide to turn the tables on Sophie by pretending they really are falling for each other, succeeding in making her feel uncomfortable. However, when she heads home and unwittingly lets Paul know what’s going on, Paul calls Ajay in the hope of stirring the pot.

When Ajay arrives at Toadie’s house to find Callum and Rani alone together, his fury forces Toadie and Sonya to come home early. Although after a clash over parenting styles Toadie assures Callum he’s done nothing wrong, he remains convinced that romance is blossoming between his son and Rani, adding to Sophie's disappointment as she worries she now has no one.

Kyle is surprised but thrilled when his gran, Sheila, arrives on his doorstep for a visit. After mistaking Kate for his girlfriend, she appears to approve of the match - an opinion she refuses to change even after meeting the real Jade.

Still desperate for a way to earn back the money he took from Kyle, Lou tries his luck at the new community centre. His hope of becoming a teacher doesn’t pan out, but when he proves popular with the ladies at a seniors’ dance class, a new plan begins to take shape.


  • Fri 1 Jun

    Chris instinctively lies about his relationship when quizzed by his dad, but at what cost?


  • Wed 30 May

    Confronted by Rhys's disapproval, Lucas is finally guilted into reaching out to Vanessa.

  • Tue 29 May

    Nursing his wounded pride, Andrew conceals his true feelings for Summer by rejecting her apology.

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