Wednesday 6 June

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When Tash scores the job at Charlie's, Kate is ready to give up until Sheila prompts her to approach Celeste about the decision. Impressed, Celeste makes her the new manager of Charlie’s. As Kate celebrates, Sheila seems to be pushing her together with Kyle. Will her interference work for Kate again?

Seeing Sonya pressured by her friends' excitement over her pregnancy, Toadie urges them to give her some space. But at the same time Susan convinces Sonya she should enjoy sharing the news. However, when Susan tells her that she should enjoy sharing the news, only for everyone to start avoiding the topic, Sonya worries that they don’t approve. Can Toadie convince Sonya to relax and focus on the baby?

Just when it seems Sheila might be getting over her bad first impression of Lou, she begins to suspect that he’s ripping off her beloved grandson. Clearly wanting to get to the bottom of it, will she discover that Lou cooked Kyle’s books?


  • Thu 7 Jun

    As Rhys's fascination with Vanessa deepens, Lou's inadvertently given an idea of how to repay Kyle.


  • Tue 5 Jun

    Sonya and Toadie struggle to keep their news secret, and Tash earns support from an unlikely source.

  • Mon 4 Jun

    A routine trip to the hospital results in some unexpected news for Toadie and Sonya.

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