Tuesday 3 July

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Toadie and Sonya struggle to ignore Troy as he engages his new neighbours at the street party. When Callum arrives at the party and finds Troy there, he causes a scene and Toadie works hard to settle the situation. However, when Troy insists on talking things out with his son and refuses to leave, protective Toadie fires up and attacks him.

Fearing he’s put their custody case in jeopardy, Toadie’s frustrated at himself. But he then learns that Troy’s taken out an intervention order against him, and is forced to immediately leave the street. Gutted Toadie assures his family that he’ll sort everything out – but watching her world unravel proves too much for pregnant Sonya and she collapses. Are Sonya and her unborn baby in danger?

Thrown by Kate’s revelation, Kyle insists he’s committed to Jade despite their recent troubles. Concerned for her troubled grandson, Sheila chooses not to push her own agenda, instead urging Kyle to find his own way through this. More confused than ever, Kyle tries to shake it off and returns to the street party – but it’s clear he’s unable to get Kate’s words out of his mind.

When Dawn insists on attending the street party, Lou works hard to keep up the English gentleman routine in front of his neighbours. Enjoying his banter, Dawn proposes he join her on a trip to the UK. Knowing he couldn’t keep up the charade for two months, Lou declines – but as Dawn makes him an offer that could clear all his debts, can Lou really afford to refuse her?


  • Wed 4 Jul

    Realising the only chance of stopping Troy lies in her hands, Jade finally tells Sonya her long-held secret.


  • Mon 2 Jul

    Realising that Kyle's relationship with Jade has suffered a setback, Kate sees an opportunity to tell him how she feels.

  • Fri 29 Jun

    Realising that his presence is ruining Vanessa's special moment, Rhys steps aside and finds a replacement doctor to perform her ultrasound.

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