Monday 9 July

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Disappointed when Jade’s unable to help him woo a client, Kyle urges Kate to pretend they're a couple in order to win him some much-needed business. Although reluctant to get involved, Kate eventually agrees and convincingly plays the part of Kyle’s perfect partner, genuinely talking up his talents and winning him the lucrative contract. Touched by her support, Kyle insists they celebrate – but, caught up in the moment, ends up kissing Kate. Has he just made a huge mistake?

Ignoring her own need for support, Jade does her best to help Sonya as she struggles with Toadie’s absence. Jade feels the pressure when Toadie reminds her of the importance of her testimony against Troy, encouraging her to write down what she plans to say the following day. When Sonya sees what Jade has written and realises how much her sister is struggling, she urges her to tell Kyle before she pushes him away for good.

When Ed accuses her of chickening out, Tash rises to the bait and accepts his offer of an alternative battle of the brains. Despite Ed winning, Tash realises how much she enjoys being challenged and enrols in a Maths degree at university, finally embracing what makes her happy.

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