Wednesday 1 August

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Concerned about how Troy's fate may affect Callum, Toadie arranges for the family to talk to a grief counsellor. Opening up to her, Callum explains that he feels guilty about his last conversation with Troy, but he’s been covering up how he feels so as not to upset Toadie or Sonya. After learning that Troy won’t even get a proper goodbye, Callum asks Toadie if they can pay tribute to him. But Sonya and Jade are adamant – Troy deserves nothing.

Tash may have enjoyed the live action role play game she attended with Ed, but there’s no way she wants anybody else knowing that. She struggles to keep how she got Ed back on board from Andrew, but when Ed tags a photo of her LARPing on Facebook, her secret is out. Stuck in class and unable to untag herself, Tash is thrown to discover it’s just as well she didn’t, as Ed was testing her to see if she could be trusted. For Tash that’s one thing, but dealing with teasing from Andrew and Chris is another.

Rhys is angry to learn that Karl let Troy leave the hospital before he died. Still annoyed with being kicked out of the share house because he did his job, he criticises Karl for not using the same professionalism. But when Karl cracks, Rhys realises he’s gone too far and apologises. As a result, Karl urges Jade to go easy on Rhys, prompting her to invite him back into Number 26.


  • Thu 2 Aug

    When Paul pushes her to print an article about Troy, Susan is torn between her duties as a friend and those as an editor.


  • Tue 31 Jul

    As Toadie and Sonya race to get to Callum, Troy's attempt to flee the police has disastrous consequences.

  • Mon 30 Jul

    Troy shows up to see Callum at school, where it becomes clear he doesn't intend to leave town alone.

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