Thursday 2 August

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Seeing Toadie and Sonya in need of comfort, Susan steps up as a friend. However, when Paul pushes her to print an article about Troy’s death, she’s torn between her duty to those she loves and her duty as editor. When Karl reminds her she’s capable of doing both, Susan tries to write the article but finds it incredibly hard. While Paul finds the silver lining in Susan’s decision not to run an article, Susan takes what she’s written to Toadie and Sonya, promising not to run it if they don’t approve. Susan waits anxiously for their verdict and eventually gets their blessing. But while she’s happy with what she’s written, Paul is not.

Unable to admit her reservations about giving Troy a memorial relate to her own issues, Sonya insists they need to put him behind them. Toadie struggles to know how to get through to her, eventually accusing her of forcing her own feelings on everyone else. After some soul-searching and realising that, despite everything, Troy loved Callum, she agrees to give him a funeral.

Needing a release after the intense effects of Troy’s death, Ajay and Karl come together to jam and decide to write a new song. Although they clash while trying to choose fresh subject matter, they finally find common ground when they bond over their experiences as fathers.


  • Fri 3 Aug

    Kyle warns Kate that he's going to tell Jade the truth about the kiss. Is he about to lose everything?


  • Wed 1 Aug

    Concerned about Callum's handling of recent events, Toadie arranges for the family to talk to a grief counsellor.

  • Tue 31 Jul

    As Toadie and Sonya race to get to Callum, Troy's attempt to flee the police has disastrous consequences.

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