Friday 3 August

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Finally in a good place with Jade, Kyle covers his awkwardness when Jade insists on inviting Kate to brunch. After escaping a close call when Keith, the client who believes Kate is his girlfriend, arrives at Charlie’s, Kyle's guilt is only further piqued when loved up Jade invites him to move into her room. Unable to move forward while the kiss with Kate hangs over his head, he warns Kate he’s going to tell Jade the truth. But is Kyle about to lose everything?

Paul has a go at Susan for printing a boring article on Troy’s death. Sick of his meddling, Susan issues him an ultimatum – he either backs her or sacks her. Paul returns to Zoe, delighted they’ve got Susan where they want her, only for her to reveal that his public image is still too delicate to allow him to return as editor. Forced to tell Susan she’s doing a good job, Paul is publically humiliated and furious – until Zoe promises him he’ll be back in the editor’s chair in six weeks.

Meanwhile, concerned she may lose Zoe from her life again, Sophie feels reassured when Zoe reveals her romantic relationship with Paul is more important than the professional one she has with him. Sophie’s fears are allayed, but Paul can't help feeling annoyed with Zoe for prioritising his family over his career.

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