Monday 6 August

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Kyle’s plans to tell Jade the truth are interrupted when she insists on supporting Sonya while Callum and Toadie attend Troy’s funeral. Needing an escape, the sisters take a trip down memory lane and rediscover their old selves in a time capsule at their gran’s house. Realising how much Troy changed them, they decide to focus on the future, admitting how lucky they are to have found love with men like Kyle and Toadie. However, on their return, Kate beats Kyle to the punch and reveals their betrayal, turning Jade’s world upside-down.

Conflicted Callum steels himself for Troy’s funeral, struggling to say goodbye to his biological father. Realising how tough this must be, Toadie tries to support him but Callum insists on performing a eulogy, surprising Toadie as he honours Troy as a past soldier. Fiercely proud of his son, Toadie supports Callum as he tearfully farewells the man who caused their family so much pain. Callum is finally getting the closure he needed.


  • Tue 7 Aug

    Summer's hopes of a reconciliation with Andrew lead to some confusion when she mistakenly thinks that a bunch of flowers she receives are from him.


  • Fri 3 Aug

    Kyle warns Kate that he's going to tell Jade the truth about the kiss. Is he about to lose everything?

  • Thu 2 Aug

    When Paul pushes her to print an article about Troy, Susan is torn between her duties as a friend and those as an editor.

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