Wednesday 8 August

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Lucas continues to enjoy being single, but when he sees his chaotic love life has become tabloid fodder, he’s forced to reassess his priorities. Upon being made to feel old by Andrew, Lucas questions what Vanessa must be thinking about him. She insists he should do what makes him happy and, after some soul searching, Lucas chooses to focus on his impending fatherhood.

Having hit out at her for flirting with Andrew, Summer tries to apologise to Tash, who isn’t interested until her friend admits she lost it because she thought she wanted to get back together with him. Tash insists Summer only thinks she’s still in love, challenging her to move on from Andrew once and for all. Realising Tash is right, Summer attempts to do just that.

Once again caught in the middle of all his friends’ problems, Chris feels like they don’t see how affected he is by his break-up. Angered by their selfishness, he uses the dating column to make it clear to them that he’s hurting too.


  • Thu 9 Aug

    Vanessa and Rhys find themselves in a very compromising position after meeting up at the hospital.


  • Tue 7 Aug

    Summer's hopes of a reconciliation with Andrew lead to some confusion when she mistakenly thinks that a bunch of flowers she receives are from him.

  • Mon 6 Aug

    As Troy's funeral prompts Jade and Sonya to count their blessings, Kate blows Jade's world apart by revealing Kyle's betrayal.

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