Thursday 9 August

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When Rhys invites her over for something special, Vanessa assumes it’s to spend their first night together. But she’s thrown to discover it’s actually to meet his mother. Vanessa succeeds in making a good impression, although when Rhys seemingly rebuffs her advances, she fears her pregnancy is a turn-off. Deciding to confront him about it, she tracks him down at the hospital. Their argument is fast forgotten as they give in to their attraction, but when they hear Karl coming they’re forced to hide. Trapped and still scantily clad, how will Rhys and Vanessa get out of this?

Suspecting Karl’s written a love song about her, Susan fears he still has feelings for her. Priya tries to relax her, but Susan’s concerns remain and she has words with Karl – only to discover the song isn’t about her at all. Embarrassed, Susan fears she’s made a fool of herself, but Karl takes it in good humour and even manages to help her laugh at herself.

While working together on a crib to give Vanessa, Lucas takes steps to building bridges with Chris. However, when Vanessa is seemingly underwhelmed by it, Lucas realises he needs to get more creative. With Chris’s help, he incorporates materials from the garage and makes something truly unique. Impressed by his commitment to fatherhood, Chris reminds Lucas how lucky he is. Although they’re not together, Lucas realises he and Vanessa will always share a connection, but perhaps he’d like it to be even more.


  • Fri 10 Aug

    After being busted by Karl at the hospital, Vanessa is disappointed when Rhys refuses to help Kyle.


  • Wed 8 Aug

    Lucas takes stock after his chaotic love life becomes tabloid fodder, vowing to concentrate on becoming a responsible father.

  • Tue 7 Aug

    Summer's hopes of a reconciliation with Andrew lead to some confusion when she mistakenly thinks that a bunch of flowers she receives are from him.

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