Monday 13 August

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Upon hearing about the Ramsay house sale, Lucas assures Vanessa he’ll find them a home. However, when Paul suggests he should just buy the Ramsays', Lucas is confronted by the idea of settling down. Sonya encourages him to consider jumping off for the sake of his baby, but he Lucas pitches the idea to Vanessa he realises she has her own plans – and they don’t include him.

Seeing Lucas's disappointment, Sonya suspects that he had hoped the idea of a family home would bring him closer to the mother of his child. Lucas denies this vehemently, but when he sees that Vanessa may potentially move out on her own, he realises there may be more to his feelings than he would care to admit.

Kate’s confronted by the emotional reality of moving out of the house she’s lived in since her mother’s death. Forced to look at rentals, Kate’s surprised when Paul offers her a room in the Robinson house, giving her the choice between family and independence. Family is probably what she needs right now, but will Kate take Paul up on his offer?

Zoe impresses Paul when she relays her devilish plan to push Susan out of the paper, but when she starts interfering in his family matters, he fears she’s overstepping the mark.


  • Tue 14 Aug

    Sonya and Toadie find themselves with an unexpected dilemma on the day of the ultrasound scan.


  • Fri 10 Aug

    After being busted by Karl at the hospital, Vanessa is disappointed when Rhys refuses to help Kyle.

  • Thu 9 Aug

    Vanessa and Rhys find themselves in a very compromising position after meeting up at the hospital.

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