Thursday 16 August

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Kyle gets his hopes up after what he thinks is a moment of warmth with Jade, but after he sees he’s misread the situation, he’s disheartened. When Sheila arrives, she sees the break-up as a good thing, clearing the way for Kyle to get together with Kate. But Kate’s insistence that Kyle and Jade are supposed to be together makes her rethink her position and, after seeing the former lovers are still pining for each other, she resolves to help her grandson get what he wants.

Having been invited by Ed to a comics swap, Tash is desperate to avoid her friends finding out. However, after she gets in trouble for opening a collectible at the meet, her secret is exposed to Toadie, who is also shopping there. When Ed saves her, the gesture convinces Tash to admit her activities to her friends, leaving Andrew curious about the couple's relationship.

Summer and Chris are both reassured by friends they will get over their dispute soon enough, and in the meantime they should just find another activity to distract themselves. But when both of them choose Jade’s boot camp, their tensions soon boil over into another fight, pushing them further apart than ever.


  • Fri 17 Aug

    Kyle's plan to win back Jade backfires, forcing Sheila to own up to her role in their break-up.


  • Wed 15 Aug

    Chris readies himself for Summer's reaction to his article, but frustrations boil over when he realises she has not even read it.

  • Tue 14 Aug

    Sonya and Toadie find themselves with an unexpected dilemma on the day of the ultrasound scan.

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