Monday 10 September

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Unsure how to deal with Lou’s betrayal, Kyle turns to Jade, who struggles to know how to help. Despite Sheila's advice to the contrary, Kyle decides everyone deserves a second chance and makes steps towards building bridges with Lou. However, when Jade learns Kyle’s also forgiven Kate for her part in the cover-up, she’s furious. Realising that Jade hasn’t really forgiven him for betraying her, and fed with being punished for his mistake, Kyle gives her an ultimatum: either she lets go her anger, or they have no future at all.

Lucas is eager for it to be just him and Vanessa in the new house, and assures her that Lou’s got other places to stay. However, he’s left shocked when Vanessa invites Lou to move in and, unable to reveal why he’s really so against the idea, finds himself forced to agree.

Wanting to bond with Callum, Sonya takes him out for afternoon tea. But when there’s a name change mix-up and Sonya’s unable to pay, Callum convinces her to do a runner. Assuming he’d be embarrassed, Sonya’s buoyed when the escapade seems to bring them closer together.


  • Tue 11 Sep

    Jade faces her dilemma head on, and Rhys is surprised when Elaine gives him a ring to pass on to Vanessa.


  • Fri 7 Sep

    Guilt-ridden after cooking the company books, Lou struggles when Kyle offers him a place to stay.

  • Thu 6 Sep

    Andrew's sale of the app behind Tash's back blows up in his face when she arranges a business meeting of her own.

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