Monday 24 September

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Andrew realises he’s neglected Chris, the only friend who didn’t ostracise him after the crash, but his attempts to apologise come too late and he finds himself on his own. When he starts experiencing disorientation and dizziness, Andrew doesn't know where to turn and tries to self-diagnose, with little success. When he then experiences a blackout and is unable to account for several minutes of time, he’s sure there’s something very wrong with him. But what is it?

Meanwhile, Paul’s anger is tempered when Chris shows his sorrow at Sophie’s bedside. When Sophie wakes and makes it clear Chris tried to stop her travelling in the overloaded car, Kate begs Paul to forgive him and he considers calling off his lawsuit. But after seeing Chris appearing to be moving on while Sophie’s left to deal with a painful rehabilitation, Paul recommits to his plan.

Dealing with Sophie’s recovery makes Kate re-evaluate her priorities and acknowledge her lack of passion for her job at Charlie’s. Inspired by Aidan’s pride in doing a job that makes a difference, Kate tells Priya she wants to return to her teaching career.


  • Tue 25 Sep

    As Ed and Tash's differences threaten to pull them apart, Ajay finds himself on a collision course with Toadie.


  • Fri 21 Sep

    After Lucas gives him a boost to his confidence, Chris takes the first step towards standing up to Paul.

  • Thu 20 Sep

    Lucas's loyalties are torn when Paul refuses to back down, threatening to pull the plug on a big contract unless he fires Chris from the garage.

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