Monday 4 February

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Toadie arrives with Sonya at the hospital as she is rushed off to theatre. Toadie’s shattered by the drama of Nell’s birth, while Callum works hard to look after his dad. After a tense wait, Toadie and Callum are overjoyed when Karl brings news that the baby is happy and healthy. However, their joy proves short-lived when Sonya takes a turn for the worse and loses consciousness. Toadie’s distraught as she’s again rushed to surgery; just as his family seemed complete, he may be about to lose the love of his life.

Susan clocks awkwardness between Karl and Carmel, suspicious of the reason behind her sister's decision to return home. However, it’s not until she forces Summer to admit she also clocked the tension between the pair that Susan confronts Carmel about what happened between her and Karl. Fearing losing her relationship with her sister, Carmel claims Karl made a move on her.

Lucas is devastated to learn Vanessa’s accepted Rhys’s proposal. However, unbeknownst to him, Francesca arrives at the hospital and reveals to Vanessa it was Lucas who persuaded her to reconcile. Could this change Vanessa’s mind?


  • Tue 5 Feb

    As Sonya's condition remains critical, Susan tells Toadie that he must be strong for Callum.


  • Fri 1 Feb

    After helping deliver Vanessa's baby, Rhys makes a grand gesture after realising he wants to be a part of the family.

  • Thu 31 Jan

    As Sonya goes into early labour, Vanessa faces giving birth alone as Lucas heads off to find Francesca.

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Comments (8)

  • bea in bristol

    1 year ago

    bea in bristol

    ohhhh Lucas!xxx

  • gorgeoussophie

    1 year ago


    omg why cant Vanessa see that Lucas is so sweet and caring and all he wants is a loving family but Vanessa cant see that were as Rhys is selfish and out of control he only thinks a bout himself i hate Rhys!! and im so sad for Lucas.

  • Claire

    1 year ago


    Did anyone think Rhys selfish when he proposed just as Vanessa was meeting her newborn baby? Turned the moment into being about what HE wanted - or should I think he was being romantic?!

  • Rose

    1 year ago


    That was an emotional roller-coaster of an episode, phew!

  • courtz

    1 year ago


    she cant take Rhys he messed it up before and now Lucas is getting thing right

  • Miriam

    1 year ago


    The baby that Vanessa gave birth to, looks like a doll.

  • Sylvia

    1 year ago


    Oh my god come on Sonya get well, Toadie and callum and Jellyfish need you. Toadie loves you so much

  • Sylvia

    1 year ago


    That Rhys Lawson what a waste of space he mucked it up with Vanessa and now Lucas has got something good he wants to spoil it for him, come on Vanessa its Lucas you want not Rhys, Lucas loves you deeply.