Monday 18 February

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Rhys struggles to give Vanessa space in the wake of their break-up. He wants to support her and when he sees Lucas considering selling the garage to support Vanessa through Patrick’s illness, he sees an opportunity to help. Rhys sets up a charity foundation to raise the money, selling his car to start the fundraising. However Kate warns Rhys there’s every chance Vanessa will only see his gesture as an attempt to win her back. Not wanting that, Rhys keeps his involvement anonymous but how long can he hide this secret from Vanessa?

Tash is excited when Andrew invites her to Paul’s family birthday dinner. However her nerves are piqued when Sheila gets in her ear and suggests if she’s serious about Andrew she needs to make a good impression now she’s his girlfriend. Determined to do just that, Tash puts on her best behaviour – but loses what everyone liked about her in the first place. It’s only when a momentary slip up reveals the real Tash that she sees she doesn’t have to be anything but herself.

Desperate Lucas stresses about how to find the money for Patrick’s surgery. Needing quick cash, he considers gambling. However he manages to stay strong and instead seeks the help of his friend and sponsor, Sonya.


  • Tue 19 Feb

    Susan is touched when Karl wants to organise a charity gig.


  • Fri 15 Feb

    Vanessa mounts a bedside vigil for baby Patrick.

  • Thu 14 Feb

    Ajay tries to throw himself into work to escape his marriage problems.

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Comments (14)

  • hollyv13

    1 year ago


    Neighbours isn't what it was...too many babies and not enough babes...opposite of how it used to be

  • Hollie-Louise Payne

    1 year ago

    Hollie-Louise Payne

    I thin that Venessa should marry Lucus because he is the Patricks father and he loves her and deep down she loves him too.

  • Kate C

    1 year ago

    Kate C

    Had replies to two Emails I sent re problems. One said they had some, but theyr'e now fixed. Other said my Email was received as Spam, and I was given a link about a mile long, to send again. Trouble is the people who read them probably don't have any power to fix the problem, but it needs fixing. Channel 5 is now too annoying to watch.

  • Roz

    1 year ago


    Not only do we have to put up with adverts before and during the programme, the damn thing keeps freezing so I have to keep refreshing.. and guess what? More adverts before it can resume. You're having a laugh Channel 5. Sort it out.

  • SW

    1 year ago


    Way too many aderts

  • me

    1 year ago


    More bloody adverts than video won't use this site ever again

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  • Annoyed Neighbour

    1 year ago

    Annoyed Neighbour

    Really annoying to watch with so many adverts. They are all in the completely wrong place, please stick to the one set in the middle like on the actual tv. Won't be watching on here next time otherwise! Especially as you pause it for two minutes and then it decides it's not going to play from where you were but from the beginning of another set of 2 minutes worth of adverts!!

  • epic

    1 year ago


    3 lots of adverts in a 20 minute episode? Y ou are having a laugh Demand 5, & I will stop watching.

  • Kate

    1 year ago


    I completely understand that adverts are necessary , but maybe think about where to put them, rather then chucking them in at mid sentence!

  • Miriam

    1 year ago


    Its really kind of Ryhs to set up the page for Patrick.

  • christine webb

    1 year ago

    christine webb

    venessa should marry lucas he is the baby.s father and and he loves her to bits , i am sure she loves him to .You should make this happe

  • JasonGribbins

    1 year ago


    vennessa should marry lucas not that jerk rhyse cause he only loves himself an lucas al always be there if rhyse aint

  • One Direction Fan

    1 year ago

    One Direction Fan

    I hope little Patric is okay! Please don't let him die! :'(