Wednesday 10 April

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Amber and Robbo rekindle their secret romance, but while she wants to go public, he is keen to keep the truth from her parents – and from Mason. Amber agrees to keep it quiet for now, but confides in Kate, who encourages her to come clean. Amber won’t and puts Kate in an awkward position by asking her to keep her secret.

Mason, meanwhile, takes a second job as a waiter in an effort to clear his debts, hoping that once they're settled, Robbo will leave town. But it seems Robbo is in no hurry to leave. Bailey worries about Robbo’s motivation to stay, believing he purposefully set Mason up during the robbery. He confronts Robbo, who admits he thinks the brothers still have his money and are doling it out. Robbo assures Bailey he’s not leaving without every cent owed to him.

Worried about his track record, Toadie’s convinced the stag do will go badly. Sonya insists he go and enjoy himself, and reluctantly he does. Sonya, meanwhile, is surprised by an impromptu hen party, organised for her by the girls. Later, Toadie admits he can’t wait to get married and finally embraces the night, allowing the guys to drag him away to the party bus Kyle’s organised. But he’s shocked to wake up the next morning with a large, conspicuous tattoo of a turtle on his leg.

After making an early escape from the stag do, Scotty visits Chris and invites himself into the house for pizza and beers. Still feeling as though he misinterpreted what happened at Camp Out, Chris goes along with it but is confronted when Scotty makes a pass at him. Chris calls him on it, but Scotty can’t see the harm – at least, not if they keep it between themselves. Chris orders him to leave and tells Kyle what happened the next morning. Kyle is horrified, but ultimately, he and Chris decide to tell Georgia…only to discover that Scotty’s proposed.

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