Wednesday 19 March

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Kyle rushes Georgia to the hospital where Karl confirms their worst fears – Georgia has miscarried. Georgia's mind is a fog. She doesn't know what to do or where to go. Kyle, determined to be strong, takes control. His strength and compassion are a huge comfort to her.

Arriving home, Georgia is confronted by the sight of baby Nell and is painfully reminded of all that she's lost. Kyle's strong façade later falters when back at home with Chris and Sheila. He's devastated, yet taking some small comfort in the fact that he and Georgia are in this together, united in their grief. It later comes as a huge shock when Georgia rejects him, insisting that he can go on with his own life – now that he's not obligated to her and the baby. Shocked and hurt, Kyle retreats to the yard to lose himself in work. Once there, however, he clocks the baby's rocking horse and, overwhelmed with hurt and despair, he lashes out and trashes it.

Lauren learns of Georgia and Kyle's loss via Sonya, and not yet having fully dealt with her own pain over losing her baby twenty years ago. She is hit hard by the news, so much so that she leaves Lou to take over at Harold's. However, a contemplative Lauren runs into Brad, who worries her strange mood stems from their recent tensions over Mason and Josh. He tries to reach out to her, but Lauren quickly makes her excuses to leave.

Back at work, Lauren informs Lou that she's making trifle and will be unavailable for the rest of the afternoon. Lou is curious as to her state of mind, but Lauren deflects and goes to see Georgia, sharing her own story of loss. The emotional exchange is a cathartic one for Lauren too, prompting her to call her mum in Brisbane. She's finally ready to tell Matt and Brad about the baby. While at home, she receives a text from Matt, reminding her of their afternoon date. Despite not feeling up to it, Lauren races to meet him, only to learn that Matt has organised for them to join a dance class – and that Brad and Terese are also in attendance. Seeing how happy Matt, Brad and Terese are, Lauren struggles through the class as her doubts about telling them about the baby start to surface. It all gets too much for her and she flees the class. Will she ever be able to tell them the truth?


  • Thu 20 Mar

    Josh's efforts to resist using drugs take a toll on his relationship with Amber.


  • Tue 18 Mar

    Will a shared yoga class be enough to mend the friendship between Georgia and Kate?

  • Mon 17 Mar

    Brennan is suspicious when he sees a strange car loitering in the vicinity of the garage.

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