Friday 4 May

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Fearing that he and Summer are about to break up for good, Andrew lets Belinda flirt with him at Tash’s party. Summer struggles to deal with the reality of being around him without them being together, and ends up leaving. Karl sees that Summer is miserable without Andrew and encourages her to end their break. Deciding she wants to be with Andrew, Summer goes back to the party to tell him, only to discover him kissing Belinda.

Lou’s finances hit another blow when an expensive electricity bill is due. Getting an idea from Toadie’s natural remedies, Lou tries to sell his own homeopathic mixture for a quick buck but fails miserably. Realising the depth of his friend's woes, can Lucas help without wounding Lou's pride?


  • Mon 7 May

    Andrew pleads for Summer to give their relationship a second chance, but can she forgive his betrayal?


  • Thu 3 May

    Rhys struggles to make amends with Jade, and Andrew fears it's the beginning of the end for him and Summer.

  • Wed 2 May

    Sonya inadvertently puts Jade and Kyle on a collision course with Rhys and his mother.

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