Friday 6 April

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With Kate’s challenge weighing on his mind, Rhys briefly considers trying to seduce Jade, only to shut decide that it would complicate the situation between his housemates. When Jade unwittingly stings him, however, Rhys becomes determined to teach her a lesson, vowing to split up her relationship with Kyle. Putting his plan in motion, Rhys plays on Jade's insecurities about meeting Kyle's grandma, pushing her to question whether she’s ready to take such a big step. Will he succeed in her plan to unnerve her?

Worried Susan’s hurt now that Karl’s started dating, Summer reminds her of her upcoming birthday and suggests she put herself back on the market too. To her surprise, Susan asserts she wants to find not someone else but herself. Determined to help her, Summer advises Susan to start by making her apartment her own haven. As they set out to fill her place with her favourite things, Karl adds to the mix with presents and birthday cards from her loved ones – helping Susan strike the balance between family and independence.

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