Friday 6 July

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Unsure what to do after dropping out of Contemporary Arts, Tash brushes off Karl’s well-meaning advice and heads into work. Embarrassed after mistakenly assuming that customer Ed is trying to ask her out, Tash apologises and offers to help with the equation he’s working on – only to take offence when he dismisses her as just a ditzy waitress.

Eventually realising that he underestimated her, Ed urges Tash to join him at a uni maths club. Tash is reluctant until Karl convinces her to embrace her talents regardless of what anyone else thinks. However, despite wanting to do just that, Tash chickens out, not yet ready to see herself as ‘one of them.’ Will Tash let her fears get in the way of what she loves?

Keen to continue his professional and personal relationship with Zoe, Paul’s thrilled when she secures a photo shoot to promote him as a family man. Sophie's thrilled, but Andrew can't help fearing that the relationship means less to Paul and that the teen is investing too much in the chance of things working out. Can Paul prove his son wrong?

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