Friday 7 September

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Unaware the house has been sold to The Kapoors, Lou returns from his trip to the UK and makes himself at home despite the unfamiliar surrounds. His presence goes unnoticed until the new owners mistake him for an intruder. Annoyed he wasn’t told the news, Lou confronts Kate and learns Lucas has bought Number 32. Assuming he’ll be welcomed with open arms, Lou’s thrown when Lucas turns him down.

Realising he’s got nowhere to go, Lou concedes to collecting his share of the profits from Kyle’s business to pay for a hotel. Guilt-ridden over having cooked the company books, Lou struggles when Kyle offers him a place to stay - and, when pushed to accept, is forced to confess to his betrayal.

Confident he’ll be able to manipulate Ed into sabotaging their meeting, Andrew convinces Tash to invite him along. However, he's thrown when Tash reveals her friend will agree to attend only if Andrew himself stays away. Fearing Tash will grow suspicious if he baulks, Andrew is forced to agree - only to go back on his word and interrupt, working hard to make Ed snap and ruin the meeting. His efforts fall flat when Ed nevertheless succeeds in making a good impression, leaving Andrew with a huge dilemma on his hands.

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