Friday 1 June

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Discussing their living arrangements, together Chris and Tash realise that, with one more housemate, they could afford to pay rent on No 32. Although Aidan feels it would be too soon for him to be the one to move in, Chris is reminded that he'll also need to run the idea past his dad - who agrees only on the condition that he can check out the house. George's visit appears to go well; however, when he runs into Aidan and questions his relationship to his son, Chris can't help feeling guilty when he instinctively lies in response.

Unable to change Sheila’s opinion of his girlfriend, Kyle encourages Jade to say the right things around her. Jade gives it a shot but quickly calls the situation for what it is and informs Sheila that, no matter what she may think of her, she loves Kyle and isn’t going anywhere. With Kyle’s pushing, Sheila spends some more time around Jade and the two manage to find some common ground. But it’s soon obvious to Jade that Sheila holds Kate higher in her estimations.

Determined to find a rich widow to solve his money woes, Lou meets Vera and works hard to woo her. After scoring an invitation to accompany her to a wedding, Lou quickly manages to turn the situation into a money-spinner.


  • Mon 4 Jun

    A routine trip to the hospital results in some unexpected news for Toadie and Sonya.


  • Thu 31 May

    Kyle receives a surprise visit from gran Sheila, but will she approve of his choice of girlfriend?

  • Wed 30 May

    Confronted by Rhys's disapproval, Lucas is finally guilted into reaching out to Vanessa.

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