Friday 8 June

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After her recent MS relapse, Susan is determined to maintain a healthy work/life balance and, with some encouragement from Karl and Summer, enjoys attending her first yoga session. When it becomes clear during the class that instructor Bernard is interested in her, Susan plays it down; however, she's finally convinced to brave a new beginning when he asks her out for a drink, leaving her feeling proud of her decision to move forward – until, that is, Karl asks her to his gig on the same night.

Assuming when he sees a gift Rhys has bought for Vanessa that the doctor is simply trying to show him up, Lucas confronts him and tells him to back off, adamant that he’s now taking responsibility for her himself. Lucas is pleased when Rhys appears to take his words to heart, but when he then turns up to spend time with Vanessa the following morning, it becomes clear that neither man is willing to back down.

Karl’s put out when Ajay takes control of The Right Prescription, booking their first gig at Charlie’s, and worries that the band’s not ready. Needing to be able to see a familiar face in the crowd, he asks Susan to be there for moral support, but learning that she’ll be bringing a date leaves him feeling more nervous than ever.


  • Mon 11 Jun

    Andrew pulls Red Cotton's next gig in favour of Karl's band, inadvertently driving a wedge between him and Summer.


  • Thu 7 Jun

    As Rhys's fascination with Vanessa deepens, Lou's inadvertently given an idea of how to repay Kyle.

  • Wed 6 Jun

    Kate's thrown when Sheila tells her she's the one for Kyle, but will she succeed in her matchmaking?

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