Friday 9 November

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Vanessa’s uncharacteristically rattled by news of an unexpected visitor and works to get Lucas out of the house before their arrival. Her strange behaviour gives him cause for concern and he returns home to check on her. But he’s stunned when he busts her with her mother Francesca – and realises she doesn’t know Vanessa’s pregnant.

Desperate Vanessa works to conceal her pregnancy from her mum, but just as she thinks she’s pulled it off, Chris accidentally blows her secret. Faced with harsh berating from Francesca for being a single mother, Vanessa begins to crumble. Seeing this, Lucas steps up and attempts to lower the impact of the news by presenting himself as the father of the baby – and Vanessa’s loving partner. While Francesca buys the lie, she only adds to Vanessa’s woes by revealing she’s going to stick around to get to know Lucas.

Struggling to accept Summer and Bradley’s relationship, worried Susan enlists Karl to intervene. Karl decides to suss it for himself and imposes on a date, but is surprisingly won over when Bradley speaks to him openly about how much he respects Summer. Satisfied Bradley’s intentions are honourable, Karl assures Susan there’s nothing to be worried about – but it’s clear she’s unconvinced.

After hearing Sophie isn’t acting herself, Chris reaches out and pushes her to reveal she thinks she brought her injuries on herself, by acting so rebelliously in the lead-up to the crash. Presenting himself as a confidant, Chris urges her to move on. But will it be that simple?


  • Mon 12 Nov

    Lucas struggles to convince Francesca that he is the right man for her daughter.


  • Thu 8 Nov

    Worried about the age difference, Susan advises Summer against a relationship with Bradley - but can she make her see sense?

  • Wed 7 Nov

    After being invited by Bradley to a quiz night, Summer has raised hopes that he is interested in her.

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