Friday 1 February

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Still unable to reach Lucas, Rhys realises Vanessa's fears of giving birth alone and, after rushing her to hospital, promises to stay by her side. Meanwhile, Lucas works to convince Francesca that Vanessa really needs her, completely unaware she’s already gone into labour.

Back at the hospital, selfless Rhys takes control, preparing Vanessa for the final stages and finally getting through to Lucas who, upon learning the news, races to join them. After helping Vanessa deliver her son, Rhys realises how much he wants to be a part of their new family and, declaring his love, he spontaneously proposes. Overwhelmed, Vanessa accepts...just as Lucas arrives.

Meanwhile, Sonya’s home birth continues, but Toadie’s anxiety increases the longer it goes on. He works to get Alex onside with going to the birth centre, but the more pressured Sonya feels, the more she resists. When her waters break and there are signs the baby is in distress, the race is on to get her to hospital in time.

Seeing Kyle’s plans for a chilled-out pre-Christmas lunch thwarted by bossy Sheila, Georgia resolves to help. She wins over Gran and the lunch is a success, until Georgia’s boyfriend Scotty turns up. Watching his macho competitiveness, compared to Kyle humour, Georgia starts to wonder if she’s with the right guy.


  • Mon 4 Feb

    Toadie's happiness is threatened when Sonya suffers complications after the birth of their daughter.


  • Thu 31 Jan

    As Sonya goes into early labour, Vanessa faces giving birth alone as Lucas heads off to find Francesca.

  • Wed 30 Jan

    Karl unwittingly gives Carmel the chance to make her move when he offers to put her up for the night.

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Comments (7)

  • Rose

    1 year ago


    Nooo! Sonya and the baby have to be okay! Plus, some really good acting going on in this ep. Aww, poor Lucas. I wonder if he'll find happiness eventually.

  • Fran Richards

    1 year ago

    Fran Richards

    oh man! what a toughy! but she needs to pick Rhys coz she doesn't Lucas, and he'll get over it.

  • Carly

    1 year ago


    Wow they sure packed a lot in today's episode! Where do I start? Poor Lucas, the eternal loser in love. Poor Toady, surely he can't lose another partner? Vanessa, great acting in the birth scene- I am NEVER having a baby! Oh and Georgia's boyfriend? What a tool!

  • alexandra mondoue

    1 year ago

    alexandra mondoue

    i don' want vanessa to accept rhys proposal.

  • Sara

    1 year ago


    Vanessa's birthday scene was one of the most realistic ones I have seen yet.

  • Miriam

    1 year ago


    Andy, what has that got to do with today's episode, keep to the topic please?

  • Andy Biggins

    1 year ago

    Andy Biggins

    Can't believe that DCI Brennan is coming back! Wonder if he'll get it on with Kate again????