Friday 14 September

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Having decided to confess his feelings to Vanessa before her trip, Lucas is disappointed to find himself playing third wheel at a farewell dinner he'd hoped would allow them time alone together. When Rhys is called away to the hospital and he finally gets his moment, however, Lucas's declaration is abandoned when he inadvertently discovers his rival's plans to propose.

Embarrassed Toadie apologises to Charlotte, hoping she’ll still recommend him for promotion - only to be left disappointed when she insists it's no longer possible. Feeling responsible, Sonya appeals to Charlotte and is buoyed when Toadie reveals that not only does he appreciate her going in to bat for him but also she was successful.

Deciding he needs a hobby now he’s sold his share of Dial-A-Kyle, Lou takes up painting and ropes Susan in to sitting for a portrait. The end results are hideous, but seeing how invested Lou is, Susan lies and insists on taking it home. When Karl discovers the situation, and that Lou is equally unhappy about the portrait being on display in Susan’s apartment, he comes up with a plan to buy the portrait from Susan and protect it from view.


  • Mon 17 Sep

    Andrew's birthday celebration threatens to end in tragedy when, driving his friends to a concert, Chris takes his eyes off the road.


  • Thu 13 Sep

    Priya worries she's inadvertently sent Paul the wrong message when she's forced to accept a thank-you gift.

  • Wed 12 Sep

    After losing a vote about proposals to cut the school's budget, Priya finds an unlikely ally in Paul.

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