Friday 15 June

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Asked by Paul to generate interest in his charity bachelor auction, Kate enlists Jade and together the friends successfully sell the idea to the single men of Erinsborough. Feeling guilty about harbouring feelings for her friend’s boyfriend, Jade resolves to move on from Kyle by snaring one of the bachelors for herself. However, when she sees Kyle suited-up and ready to be sold off at auction, she begins to have second thoughts. Will Kate stay strong and find a new man, or will she make a play for Kyle?

Despite feeling confident about his plan to go after Rani, Callum's slick look and conversation only confuse her - and he's humiliated further still when he switches to Toadie's tips and they too fail to impress. Struggling to help, Toadie betrays Callum’s trust and reveals his dilemma to Sonya - who, secretly excited about her son’s first crush, promises she’ll handle it. But Toadie’s concerns about her discretion prove founded when she gives Rani a job at the nursery. How will Callum handle working alongside his crush, and will he forgive Toadie for breaking his promise?


  • Mon 18 Jun

    As the bachelor auction gets underway, Kate's torn between following her heart and loyalty to her best friend.


  • Thu 14 Jun

    Suspecting that Callum and Rani's relationship isn't genuine, Sophie sets out to test her theory with a game of truth or date.

  • Wed 13 Jun

    Chris finally finds the courage to be open about his relationship, but will it to be too little too late for Aidan?

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