Friday 2 November

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Wracked with guilt, Priya struggles to lie to Ajay about where she’s been. Realising she left her jacket at Paul’s house, she makes an excuse to accompany Rani when she visits Sophie. At the Robinsons', confronted by the reality of her adultery, Priya warns Paul it will never happen, although wavers when Paul insists he wants to keep seeing her in secret. Unable to forget Paul even when she’s alone with Ajay, Priya realises security and warmth are not enough for her; she wants excitement. Knowing Paul can give it to her, she commits to the affair.

Determined not to be wrapped in cotton wool, Sonya refuses Toadie’s request to stop working, promising him she’ll have a stress-free day. However, having let Callum and Rani go early, Sonya’s forced to deal with unexpected developments on her own, including a particularly indecisive customer. She battles through; then, eager to prove Toadie doesn’t need to worry about her, she lies about her day, assuring him it was a breeze. When she eventually comes clean, she's enjoying a quiet evening when her customer shows up on the doorstep – she’s Toadie’s cousin.


  • Mon 5 Nov

    Andrew's attempts at reconciliation fall flat when he's forced to shun his friends to protect his secret.


  • Thu 1 Nov

    Priya gives in to temptation with Paul - but will she be able to live with the guilt?

  • Wed 31 Oct

    Summer struggles to move on after being criticised by Bradley, leading Tash to wonder whether her friend has feelings for him.

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