Friday 20 July

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Callum continues to secretly visit Troy, who promises to drop his Intervention Order against Toadie – only to be left furious when he realises that his dad's failed to keep up his side of the bargain. Meanwhile, when Sonya learns of the arrangement and that Callum’s gone over to confront Troy over his lie, she fears her son might be walking into danger.

Jade’s frustration towards Troy grows when she finds out that Sonya’s letting Callum spend time with him. However, when Troy accuses her of turning Kate against him, Jade struggles to find the courage to stand up to him. With Kyle’s support, she stands her ground and insists that Callum won’t want anything to do with Troy once Toadie's home – but the confrontation leaves her rattled, and she's all too aware of the power her ex has over her.

Elsewhere, Kate’s guilt is further piqued when she learns of Jade's past and the abuse she suffered at Troy's hands. Showing her allegiance, Kate bans Troy from Charlie’s but, realising how deeply her friend has been affected, can't help wishing there was something more she could do.


  • Mon 23 Jul

    Jade learns that Troy has betrayed Callum and is determined to do whatever it takes to punish him.


  • Thu 19 Jul

    When Jade sees Kate getting close to Troy, she warns her against him and reveals their abusive past.

  • Wed 18 Jul

    Vanessa's forced to rethink her plans with Rhys when she realises Lucas may need her support.

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