Friday 22 June

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Seeing Summer invest in her new romance with Griffin, Andrew works to secure his business with the band despite his tension with his ex. While he’s relieved when Griffin cooperates, Andrew’s knocked for six when he catches him with another girl. Unable to stop himself, Andrew confronts him, and is confused when Griffin insists he and Summer aren’t exclusive.

However, when Andrew learns Summer thinks her new relationship is serious, he warns Griffin to stop playing games or he’ll dump Red Cotton. When Griffin calls his bluff, Andrew ditches the band from his list - but can he also persuade him to keep away from Summer?

Sheila tries to lift Kate's spirits following her cancelled date with Kyle. However, when Sheila asks to take a look at the books, Kate fears she’ll lose her only ally if her cover-up of Lou’s underhandedness is exposed. While she manages to keep Sheila off the scent, Kate realises they need to pay back the money immediately, and so decides to take care of the debt. Lou’s furious, but Kate insists he can still salvage his pride – by owing her instead.

Meanwhile, Karl throws himself into preparations for The Right Prescription’s next gig. However, when his creative differences with Ajay continue, Adrian reaches boiling point and quits the band.

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