Friday 23 March

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Unable to stop thinking about Michael and their kiss, Emilia attempts to talk to him about their feelings for each other – only for her plans to be thwarted by a lunch invitation from Lucas. However, when Emilia finds herself torn between the two men, she realises it’s unfair to be with one while she has unresolved feelings for the other. She breaks up with Lucas – but does this mean she’ll run into Michael’s arms?

Encouraged by Andrew to look at her options, Summer explores some alternative ways to achieve her journalism dream. Coming up empty, Summer reveals that the only way to get into her preferred journalism course is to go back to school. Getting no support from Andrew or Chris, and receiving conflicting advice from Kate and Rhys, Summer struggles to make her decision, before finally revealing that she's going to repeat Year 12.

Realising her friends have forgotten her birthday, Kate resolves to enjoy the day without them. Getting the support she needs from Lou, she commits to a new outlook on life, intriguing and impressing Rhys.


  • Mon 26 Mar

    Michael lays his heart on the line for Emilia, but will she admit to feeling the same way?


  • Thu 22 Mar

    Challenged to take on the legal guardianship of Sophie, Paul wonders whether he is up to the job.

  • Wed 21 Mar

    Kate returns to Ramsay Street in time for the DHS meeting, but doubts remain over Sophie's future.

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