Friday 23 September

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Michael enjoys his improved relationship with his daughter, and Tash in turn demonstrates new maturity. But she continues to be plagued by the strange sound of water in her ears – a subject from which Michael wants to stay well away. Chris suggests it might be a long-lost memory. And when Tash tests the theory with her dad, Michael is forced to lie. How long can he keep this secret from their past?

Lucas is thrown by Paul’s doubts about his business abilities and cancels his plan to buy the garage. But when he sees Sonya’s successful nursery opening and meets a potential new owner of the garage, his doubts start to waver.

Michelle continues to annoy Jade and Kyle, refusing to leave the share-house. Finally biting the bullet, they offer her money to leave. But when even that fails, Jade realises it’s time to take drastic action.



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