Friday 25 January

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Rani returns home to find Priya wearing what she thinks are her old earrings; the ones she found at Lassiters must belong to someone else. However, when she discovers they’re new and from Ajay, her fears are confirmed – somehow, Priya’s earrings turned up in a Lassiters hotel room.

Needing proof of her mum’s infidelity, Rani is shattered when she finds it on Paul’s phone. Angry Rani is tempted to tell Ajay but, unable to hurt him, instead decides to punish Priya by finding Harley and insisting they skip the school social to to Frankston. Priya’s confused when Rani doesn’t arrive at the social and, when she learns she may have discovered her affair, fears exposure.

Determined to make this year’s Christmas at the shared house the best ever, Kyle sets a number of rules, including one insisting that only housemates can attend. However, when he learns Georgia’s Christmas is going to be a disappointing one, his sympathy is piqued. Seeing she’s got traditions of her own, Kyle breaks his own rules to invite her to his housemate celebrations – and manages to convince Chris that he’s only doing it so Aidan can join them.


  • Mon 28 Jan

    Ajay refuses to believe Rani's revelation about her mum, but for how long can Priya live with her guilt?


  • Thu 24 Jan

    Andrew sacrifices winning Charlie's a good review to defend Tash from an overly familiar bar critic.

  • Wed 23 Jan

    Moved by Tash’s plea to let Andrew return to Charlie's, Paul offers his son a new deal - but will he want to accept it?

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