Friday 25 November

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Disappointed not to hear back from Emilia on her 18th birthday, Tash tries to get into the party spirit for the sake of Michael and Chris. Meanwhile, hearing of Lucas’s dating dilemma, Michael inadvertently advises him to chase Emilia, not knowing it’s his sister-in-law Lucas is pursuing. Emilia’s yearning to reconnect with Tash is piqued by Lucas’s talk of family. Deciding to ignore Michael’s warning, Emilia turns up on Tash and Michael’s doorstep, leaving both of them stunned.

Jade’s guilt over her night with Malcolm is piqued when Dane wants her help putting together a care package for Kyle and his mum. Jade reluctantly gets involved and can’t help letting her true feelings for Kyle shine through. But when Rhys clocks this and reveals he knows she had company last night, he calls her on being terrified of her own heart. Frustrated, Jade admits to her own fears but, still determined to run from those feelings, embarks on an emotionless affair with married Malcolm.


  • Mon 28 Nov

    Tash's relationship with Michael reaches breaking point after she discovers the cause of her mum's death.


  • Thu 24 Nov

    Jade is torn between her flirtation with Mal and the prospect of a relationship with Kyle.

  • Wed 23 Nov

    As Kate struggles to reconnect with her friends, Malcolm spots an opportunity to help take his mind off Catherine.

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