Friday 27 July

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Thrilled to win an award for her efforts at the paper, Summer worries it's too soon to invite Andrew to a celebratory dinner. However, as she waits for Tash and Chris to arrive, Andrew surprisingly shows up to congratulate her and, seeing they’re on the way to becoming friends again, she asks him in. When Tash and Chris eventually arrive, Andrew makes a touching personal toast to Summer - after which she decides to follow her feelings once and for all.

Pushing through her pride, Tash joins in the live-action role play to get a chance to talk to Ed. Although she’s confronted by the absurdity of the event, her competitive spirit eventually takes over and she manages to help Ed win the game for his team – and is triumphant when he finally agrees to hear out her business plan. But, as she finds herself warming to him, she fears the response of her friends when they find out that she’s got a soft spot for someone so different.

Deciding to steal Susan’s thunder, Paul takes the credit for Summer’s award. Susan tries to brush off his interference, but when she sees Paul winning over the public, she confronts him about trying to steal her job back – and he’s forced to deny it.


  • Mon 30 Jul

    Troy shows up to see Callum at school, where it becomes clear he doesn't intend to leave town alone.


  • Thu 26 Jul

    Realising Andrew needs help with his money-making idea, Tash connects with Ed over an unusual hobby.

  • Wed 25 Jul

    Feeling guilty over relaying Troy's accusations, Rhys is thrown when Vanessa sides with Jade.

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