Friday 28 October

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Tash is forced to get creative in an attempt to finally meet her aunt, and when Michael inadvertently discovers her plans he worries it may be too late to stop her. Having come so far, will Tash finally learn the truth about her mother?

Sophie denies having a crush on Noah, determined to prove she’s old enough to look after herself. Realising that Noah’s never going to reciprocate her feelings, disappointed Sophie keeps her sister at arm's length. But Kate finds support from an unlikely source.

Worried he won’t approve, Andrew unsuccessfully tries to keep from Paul the truth about his used car scheme. However, to Andrew’s surprise, Paul's response is not what he expects.


  • Mon 31 Oct

    Tash worries that she's pushed Emilia too far in her search for answers about her past.


  • Thu 27 Oct

    Sophie gets upset when she's led to believe that Noah has feelings for Summer.

  • Wed 26 Oct

    Tash fears rejection as she prepares to meet her aunt.

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