Friday 29 June

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Unnerved by his presence as their doctor, Lucas accuses Rhys of manipulating the situation to make himself a part of Vanessa’s ultrasound. When Rhys backs down and leaves, Lucas is glad to get back to his special moment. However, unable to make anything of the ultrasound image, both Lucas and Vanessa feel underwhelmed. But when Karl turns on the sound, they’re confronted by the beauty of their baby’s heartbeat. Considering making himself a regular part of the baby’s life, Lucas confides in Karl and shares his fears about being a disappointing father like his own. When Karl insists it’s up to Lucas to determine what kind of father he wants to be, Lucas finally steps up and asks Vanessa to move in permanently.

Bored by her unchallenging course, Tash latches onto Andrew and Chris and tags along to their study session. But with only one performance review to prepare for, relaxed Tash starts to get on their nerves. Needing to distract her, Andrew hands over some of his business studies work, but when he sees she’s enjoyed it more than her own, he calls her on being in the wrong course. Although Tash shuts him down and claims she loves her studies, she decides to drop her course when she’s unable to take her final assessment seriously – but remains unsure as to what she wants to do with her life.

Realising that his presence is ruining Vanessa’s special moment, Rhys steps aside and finds a replacement doctor to perform her ultrasound. Will his genuine gesture push Vanessa to reconsider Rhys as a romantic option?


  • Mon 2 Jul

    Realising that Kyle's relationship with Jade has suffered a setback, Kate sees an opportunity to tell him how she feels.


  • Thu 28 Jun

    Lucas's journey towards accepting fatherhood is furthered when Vanessa goes for her first ultrasound.

  • Wed 27 Jun

    Jade arrives home to news of Troy's return, but for how long can she keep Kyle in the dark about their past?

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