Friday 30 November

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Summer shocks Susan when she hands in her resignation. Aware of Bradley’s sordid past, Susan tries to convince her to reconsider, without telling her the ugly truth. But when Summer sticks to her decision, Susan’s forced to intervene. Summer’s confused by the revelation and tries to get onto Bradley so he can explain himself. Unable to reach him, she decides to take a leap of faith. After a heartfelt farewell with her friends, Summer admits to Susan she’s disappointed she interfered, and they leave on bad terms. Having burnt her bridges, personally and professionally, Summer waits for Bradley. Is he the man she thinks he is? Or has Summer thrown it all away for nothing?

Priya continues her risky affair with Paul and, when she’s late meeting Ajay, hastily uses Susan as her excuse again. With too much to lose if she’s caught out, desperate Priya tries to secure Susan as her alibi. But Susan realises something’s not right and urges Priya to be honest with her. Unable to open up fully, Priya claims she’s doing pole-dancing classes despite his disapproval. While Priya gets away with her cover, the emotional consequences of her affair are taking their toll.

Chris hopes Sophie will be inspired to take up music again, by teaching him to play the guitar. She’s resistant, but when she finally lets go of herself, her old love for music shines through and Chris is given hope he’s on the right track.


  • Mon 3 Dec

    As Priya struggles alone with the guilt of her affair, Susan pushes her friend to confide in her.


  • Thu 29 Nov

    When Bradley is offered a new job in another state, Summer decides that it is time for her to broaden her horizons.

  • Wed 28 Nov

    As Connor's return drives a wedge between Toadie and Sonya, Francesca begins to question Vanessa's feelings for Lucas.

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