Monday 4 June

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When Chris pleads with them to join the drive for blood donors, Toadie and Sonya set aside plans for their free afternoon in order to help out. Asked to take a pregnancy test as part of the screening process, Sonya struggles with the reminder of their fertility problems and leaves the room before learning the result. However, it isn't long before Rhys stuns the couple with some unexpected news.

Feeling low after lying to George, Chris’s guilt deepens when Aidan assumes he told his dad the truth about their relationship. Hoping to ease his conscience, Chris rallies people for the hospital’s blood drive, only to be forced to confess when Aidan questons his enthuasiasm. Despite his promise to be honest about their relationship, Chris fears Aidan doesn't forgive him and resolves to make it up to him - but how?

Meanwhile, seeing the stress Vanessa is under, Lucas assures her there’s no rush to move out, consequently enjoying the perks of having a chef in the house.


  • Tue 5 Jun

    Sonya and Toadie struggle to keep their news secret, and Tash earns support from an unlikely source.


  • Fri 1 Jun

    Chris instinctively lies about his relationship when quizzed by his dad, but at what cost?

  • Thu 31 May

    Kyle receives a surprise visit from gran Sheila, but will she approve of his choice of girlfriend?

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