Monday 7 May

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After being caught kissing Belinda, Andrew pleads for Summer to focus on the positives of their relationship and reunite. Summer tries to put what happened behind her but can’t; as much as it pains her to say so, she insists they’re over.

Determined to prove Ajay’s decision to merge Erinsborough’s police station was a mistake, Paul urges a bunch of rough patrons from Charlie’s on to Tash’s party, hoping it will get out of hand. Playing the part of concerned neighbour, Paul rouses the other residents of Ramsay Street to take action, volunteering to be the one who involves the police.

However, Paul only pretends to call them, delighted when the party spirals out of control. But when he realises Sophie attended the party, Paul worries his plan to bring Ajay down may come at a cost.


  • Tue 8 May

    Privately knowing he’s at fault, Paul openly blames Ajay for the delayed police response time at Tash’s party.


  • Fri 4 May

    As Summer struggles without Andrew, Karl encourages her to end their break - but has she left it too late?

  • Thu 3 May

    Rhys struggles to make amends with Jade, and Andrew fears it's the beginning of the end for him and Summer.

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